A New Perspective: Inversions

A New Perspective: Inversions When I first starting practicing, I would avoid inversions any way possible.  If I knew a teacher was fond of cueing headstands, or if a class … Continued

Harmony, Equilibrium & Grace

Why practice balancing poses? Of course balancing can improve your strength and coordination but for me the lessons to take off the mat are most compelling. Living in harmony is … Continued

Release Through Hip Openers

Release Through Hip Openers If you spend majority of your workday in a seated position hunched over a computer, you have most likely experienced some sort of back pain.  Or … Continued

Freedom Through Heart Openers

When we think about the heart, we either assign a physical connection as in the organ located in our chest cavity pumping life-sustaining blood throughout our body or we consider … Continued

Alignment: The Secret Sauce

Alignment: The Secret Sauce To obtain the maximum benefits associated with your yoga practice, posture alignment is essential.  Alignment is defined as the precise way your body is positioned along … Continued

Just Breathe

Pranayama refers to the breathing techniques used in yoga.  Breathe is life and yoga is only considered true when movement and breath work in unity.  Pranayama is considered on of … Continued

Isn’t It Time For Yoga?

Over two billion people worldwide practice yoga today, are you one of them?  The benefits of a physical practice are well known and accepted as truth yet many people have … Continued